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Team Training or One on One Coaching

A key to helping a team or individual to succeed is the amount of support you are prepared to give them to enable success to flourish.

Whether its face to face interaction or a voice on the other end of the phone, to truly have an engaged and highly effective team requires a long term commitment to the investment of time into one of your biggest business assets - people.

Having highly effective training programs, coaching and mentoring plans in place for each of your key team members will ensure you a positive return on investment. Our Contract Sales Manager program can also assist where you do not have the commercial resource for a full time Sales Manager.

Key Note or Motivational Speaking

Whether you are looking for someone to deliver inspirational training and development programs, an inspirational speech, relay important company messages or you need someone to facilitate a conference or meeting, Jim at James J can assist with these.

As a skilled professional over many years and having been an ex Toastmaster Club President, Jim is well versed in providing the content and continuity you need for a successful outcome. 

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New Product Development

If you're investing in new product or service innovations or looking to renovate current product offerings, market research and strategy will be key to determining the best strategy for business success.


When it comes to thinking outside the box, James J Contracting can provide a market overview or feedback that will assist in validating the successful implementation of your products or services into the market place. In some circumstances, its about how best to control the narrative.

Sales and Market Analysis

James J Contracting has been engaged in a number of projects where market analysis, product reviews or in field investigations have been required by a number of our clients. 

Whether your requirement is technical, service support focused or people related, James J Contracting will be happy to provide resource to assist you in whatever you need. 

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