Worried about what your team might be writing?

As a CEO, GM or Senior Manager, are you worried about how your employees are communicating with your customers?

In particular, is poor written communication impacting on how your customers perceive your business or worse, is it driving them away?

Here are some suggestions that should be considered before written communication is had with any customer:

1. Never send a communication to a customer when you’re mad. Just don’t do it!

2. When you’ve finished writing, check it once, twice and three times. Remember what you think you’ve said might not necessarily be how the customer interprets it

3. Be careful of what you write especially if it includes others. In today’s environment, you can almost guarantee your communication will be shared with more people than those originally intended

4. And don’t assume the spell check will fix your spelling. If you’re not sure, check, double check and triple check.

Another way could be to just pick up the phone and have a verbal conversation. WOW --- who knows, it might catch on and be the next big thing.


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