When a relationship needs to be more

In the last two weeks, I’ve been doing market research that involved me getting out and about meeting customers. And I’ve got to say ---- there is no better feeling!!!

And what made it even more special was that many of the people I visited I knew from a past life, and was reminded just how incredibly hardworking, honest and passionate they all were. It was very special for me to reconnect with all those who I had past relationships with.

But after the excitement of seeing them had subsided, I couldn’t help but reflect and wonder about how good a relationship is at the end of the day?

Don’t get me wrong, relationships are a key component in any business dealing. However, surely a relationship can only take you so far. At some point you need to add a tangible contribution to their business – don’t you?

Make no mistake, in today’s fast paced, ever changing and stress filled environment, relationships will only take you so far.

As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts (you can read these on my website), salespeople need to deliver more than just a relationship. They need to be effective!

They need to deliver business solutions that disrupt current thinking and provide real value to their customers. Only then can a relationship be strengthened and really mean something.

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