The 3 R's of selling

This week I have reflected on a question I was asked a couple of years ago – “What keeps you relevant”?

In fact I wrote a blog about it on my webpage sometime ago and it seems to occupy my mind on a regular basis.

I was talking to a client this week where I was asked to state simply what I thought a true sales professional was. He didn’t want a textbook answer, but something I personally believed. And to be fair it wasn’t a hard question for me as I believe it to be simple and straight forward. It’s someone who can subscribe to the 3 R’s – being Real, Relevant and Relatable.

Sorry people --- I wish it had more of a sophisticated psychometric feel about it but no --- it’s as basic as that. To be Real is being seen as honest, upfront and genuine in your interaction with your customer. Being Relevant is having the confidence of knowledge, information and expertise to help your customer. And being Relatable is about the delivery and whether people can understand and relate to what you’re saying.

There’s a little more to it than that but in a nut shell, I think those attributes contribute strongly to what a true sales professional is and what ultimately keeps you relevant in the eyes of your customer. #salesprofessional, #beingreal, #beingrelevent, #beingrelatable.

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