So you want to negotiate?

I’ve been asked by many people about my thoughts on negotiation. Ahhhh yes --- negotiation --- once described as “An unnatural act between two consenting adults”.

Well depending on your individual experiences, you may have a “Love/Hate” relationship with negotiation, with the emphasis being on hate.

Yes it can be uncomfortable at times but actually this is the coolest part of selling. If you’ve got to the negotiation stage, you are clearly on the path to potentially doing a deal. You just might not know what that’s going to look like yet.

A key point is for you to be strong in your belief that your product or service is worth the value you’re asking. Don’t discredit its value by discounting it. If you need to trade off something, get something back in return.

Continue to emphasis the features, benefits and advantages of your product or service and how they address the needs of your customer. Remember if what you are selling is worth the price, don’t sell yourself or your customer short.

Above all don’t feel awkward about discussing money. It’s a fact of life and you should feel natural in doing it -- after all, you are consenting adults.

Those are my brief thoughts on negotiation. Enjoy the process.

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