Public Speaking - NO WAY!!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

According to the National Institute of Mental Health in Maryland USA, 75% of Americans have a fear of public speaking. In fact, some research organizations have public speaking as the number one biggest fear, followed by the fear of dying ranked at number five. WOW - so what does that tell you?

Unfortunately in New Zealand we see similar trends where many salespeople have a very real fear of presenting to their customers where groups of influencers are present. So why is that?

One of the key requirements to be a truly effective sales professional is having the confidence to deliver company presentations to current and potential customers as required. To be able to deliver highly successful presentations is often the difference in whether a customer has confidence in you and the business you represent. It can be the difference in whether you get the business or not.

As many who have experienced this fear will tell you, it is something that can challenged, controlled and beaten. It is not a life sentence, but more a state of mind that can be overcome with the right skills coaching, support and of course an unwavering determination to beat it.

For any salespeople who have this fear, take control of your future and conquer whatever is holding you back. You will not regret it. That’s #SalesForceEffectiveness at its best.

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