Please Value Me

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

One of the biggest concerns expressed to me by CEO’s, GMs’ and Sales Managers is the concern they have over the apparent lack of "face to face" relationship building between their sales team and the customers they service. They are concerned those relationships aren’t being built and their customers just don’t feel valued.

Sure there may be some situations where customers may prefer not to do business face to face and would rather have their transaction handled at arm’s length. However, in most B2B situations, customers expect to feel valued enough by their supplier for them to visit. So why do so many sales people find it difficult to meet face to face with their customers.

While I agree that electronic communication has a place, I don’t know a time where a strong and trusting relationship with a customer was ever built by just sending emails or texting. For a strong and successful business relationship to be built, it requires an investment in face time. This is #SalesForceEffectiveness at its best.


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