Lets make money

Ok hands up those of you in business who want to make money??

I’m going to take a punt and say pretty much all of you --- right??

Well as a prominent Blue-Chip business leader once said, “The best way to make money is to stop losing it’!!

Well let’s assume your business is making money, so what am I talking about.

It would be fair to say that while a lot of businesses do make money, the question should be “how much of it is being lost”?

Whether its value that hasn’t been charged, an opportunity not taken, or just a contract that didn’t deliver what was promised, that’s all your money disappearing. And dare I put it out there, chances are it wasn’t even detected.

Having an effective sales team is not a dream waiting to happen. They need to be created. Sometimes we need to just get amongst it, roll up our sleeves, and make it happen. Only then will maximum benefit be realized.

So to that end, a big thank you to those of you who have read my posts and contacted me for a chat. I’ve appreciated talking to you and discussing how best to make a positive difference in your business. And if you’re undecided, it costs nothing for a chat. #salesforceeffectiveness, #customerretention, #stoplosingmoney.

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