Does your Sales Team suffer from Call Reluctance?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination or do we have a growing problem where many of our salespeople are reluctant to call on customers. At a network meeting recently, two business leaders were talking about this vey issue. They were debating as to why some in sales claim to love dealing with customers, only to find that when things get tough, they shy away from those difficult visits.

This seems to be an increasing concern within many companies which is having significant impact on their customers, resulting in lost business opportunities. So why is this - are our salespeople just not equipped for the increasing competitive environment, or do they just find it too hard to have those difficult conversations?

Customers today are more discerning. They have an expectation that service providers must earn the right to their business. They expect them to add value and demonstrate why they should be rewarded with the order. And yes – that just might mean having to do something radical – like visit them – especially in tough times!

To be successful in sales requires that you believe with every fibre in your being that you are committed to your customer. That requires sales professionals to have a burning DESIRE and URGENCY in wanting to win and keep customers. After all - isn’t that #SalesForceEffectiveness at its best?

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