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How will you Maximise Optimal Performance within your business post COVID-19?


If there is one thing we know for sure, New Zealand businesses have historically punched well above their weight. While some will be hit hard by the current situation and see the road ahead as almost impossible, I am reminded of a quote by a great New Zealander - Morton W Coutts (OBE) who said: 

"The impossible is only that which is yet to be learnt"

So what will your business be focusing on post COVID-19?

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Business Planning & Continuity


Like never before, it has now become more important than ever for business leaders to understand the current environment and prepare to keep their business functioning in these uncertain times.

A Business Continuity Plan is essential in order to help companies position themselves well post COVID-19. While some business owners may believe they have the necessary tools and expertise to lead their business through this, reality may prove different. 


New Hires
 Health & Wellbeing

Even prior to COVID-19 changing the business world as we knew it, businesses were seeking greater sustainability and success. While the health and wellness of employees was getting greater attention by business owners and management pre-COVID-19, to survive and grow now will take much greater resolve. Never has the Health & Wellbeing of people been more critical than today.

For this reason, it makes sense that employers need to understand and take greater responsibility for the care of their people and work to provide the tools and an environment where Health & Wellbeing is a focus and stress levels are actively reduced. 



Analyzing the data
Financial Performance

One of the most common questions that gets asked is “Am I making enough money?” or “How much profit should I be making?”. 

With any investment you should have an expectation that you will get an acceptable Return on Investment - ROI.

With the local and international markets now uncertain, it will come down to determining what your acceptable ROI will be for your business.

It will be your responsibility as a business leader to have a robust and workable plan in place.



About James J Contracting

James J Contracting is a Business Advisory and Sales Specialist business dedicated to providing support in achieving successful business outcomes. Whether it is through the identification and enhancement of current business skills or development of new techniques, Jim from James J Contracting can assist in achieving increased business performance within your Company.


Having over 40 years of experience in large corporate manufacturing companies, Jim has been an integral part in the development of business strategies that have included Sales, Operations, Human Resource, Health and Wellbeing, together with driving Profit and Revenue performance.


With people being at the very forefront of any business success, strong effective leadership is essential, and a positive culture is critical to achieving at the very highest level. Jim can assist in providing the necessary support to help any business reach their true potential in these challenging times.




"I’ve a healthy respect for Jim Bennett and his abilities on both sides of the table having been the beneficiary of both.Through years of commercial interaction as a customer of Carter Holt Harvey and Oji, I worked with Jim to manage our way through complicated and volatile times.

People talk a lot about partners in business but it was during these times that the true meaning of that really becomes evident.

Given that experience when Jim moved into the area of Sales and Commercial consultancy I was happy to use his experience and relationships

once again to the benefit of our business, Snell Packaging & Safety.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jim to those who need a pragmatic approach that will pay for itself."


Shaun Williams; Chief Executive Officer, Snell Packaging and Safety



"I have known Jim for over 25 years in a number of roles and would happily recommend his skill set to any business that is looking for quality help or advice across their business. 
Jim has an incredibly wide skill set, but it is his ability to read a business and then communicate his findings in a way that is clear, concise and “real” with no “BS”. A solution provider with that unique thing called trust”.

Tim Houlden; Chief Executive Officer, APC Innovate

“Having Jim as a mentor has fast tracked my career. I have seen firsthand how he has up-skilled Account Managers and taken the success of both individual and companies to the next level”

Steve Wright; General Manager Sales and Marketing, Argus Heating



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